The Rivelli Whistleblower Channel must not be used for doubts, complaints, suggestions or criticisms related to the products and services provided

In these cases, you must contact the Customer Service (SAC) at +55(32)3339-0155 or by email at

The veracity of the information provided is the Whistleblower's responsibility. All information will be verified during the verification process, and the resulting actions will be taken at exclusive discretion of Rivelli.

We must remember that Rivelli does not tolerate retaliation or punishment for filing a report in good faith and with responsibly.

* Mandatory questions

Describe in as much detail as possible what happened, indicating the name(s) of the person(s) involved, as well as when the event occurred and if it is still occurring.

Where can the fact be proven? Are there documents that prove this fact? In positives, where can they be found? Please specify as detailed as possible. Remember: any information can be useful, however irrelevant it may seem to you.

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