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We were born in 1985 through a dream of two young brothers. At the age of 14 and 15, Carlos Rivelli and Márcio Rivelli decided to raise chickens in the backyard of their parents' house to sell in the street market of Barbacena´s city in Minas Gerais.

It did not take long for Marcio & Carlos to realize that, the best deal would be to sell chicken already slaughtered as a final product to consumers. In the following year, they were already operating a small chicken slaughterhouse in their backyard. This is how it was born the company FRANGOBOM and its first aviaries were built in 1986 at their farm João Rivelli in Ressaquinha-MG.

One of the main goals of Rivelli Alimentos S/A, it is the continuous technological investments always aiming to expand the product line to better serve the increasing demand in Brazil and worldwide.

Today, we are among the 25 largest chicken exporting companies in Brazil. We are able to export to the most demanding countries in the world such as China, European Union, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Iraq, among others.

Our history is written on a day-by-day basis, with vital participation from all employees, working hard to contribute with the true success of RIVELLI!

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